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NCC & PCI DSS compliance

The Ingenico NCC Product and its last generation of hardware have been designed with the latest standard of communication in order to help customer to reach the PCI DSS guidelines.

Ingenico associated to the full redundant hardware architecture of the NCC, a secure proofed linux platform able to follow good practices, evolving
PCI Requirements and specific customer’s security policies. Some key factors :

      - Multi Core Redundant Architecture (Up to 14 Linux OS Kernel 3.10 running in a single NCC Chassis)

      - No storage of cardholder data is performed

      - Encryption is supported (TLS V1.2 cipher suite + most common OPENSSL cipher standards: 3DES, AES, …)

      - Encrypted VPN are used between NCC and Servers or between NCCs

      - SSL V3 deactivated – TLS 1.2 used (Open SSL 1.0.1l-15/01/2015)

      - Console Access are always using SSH (OpenSSH6.1p1)

      - Log System

      - LDAP (On demand)

With more than 10 years of experience in POS concentrators development, Ingenico always provided secured solutions that allowed Customers and acquirers to build strong Security Policies.

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